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The Secret to building an affordable home in Saskatchewan?...Olympic Ready to Move Homes!

Moving into a brand new home you can call your own is a rewarding experience.  But the journey of building a new home can be full of surprises and anxiety.  In the South East corner of Saskatchewan you find a booming economy which has created a robust demand for housing.  If you are fortunate enough to find a suitable piece of prime Saskatchewan real estate, the law of supply and demand has resulted in skyrocketing costs for building trades.  In addition to higher costs, the build time on a new house is also stretched because of a shortage of skilled labour in the region.  If you are in the market for a new home and are faced with these challenges… there is another option.

Introducing, Ready to Move homes (RTMs) by Olympic Homes.  Based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Olympic Homes has built 100s of Ready to Move Homes over the past decade.  With the inflationary pressures of the local Saskatchewan economy many new home owners in Saskatchewan have turned to Olympic Homes as their affordable new home solution in South East Saskatchewan.

If you live or are thinking of building a home in the South East Quadrant of Saskatchewan you’ll be surprised how affordable it is to buy a RTM from Olympic Homes.  Fill in the inquiry form to your left or call today to find out how we can build and deliver a home for LESS than you can build locally...GUARANTEED!

With every Olympic Ready to Move Home you can expect Industry Leading Standards such as:

  • 35 year shingles
  • Fibreglass entry doors
  • Vaulted ceilings
  • Kohler plumbing package
  • Free engineered plans
  • High quality Flooring packages
  • Eavestroughs & downspouts
  • Maple cabinetry
  • Round drywall corners

Olympic Ready to Move homes are superior to homes built on site.  There are several advantages of choosing an Olympic Ready to Move home:

All homes are built at a centralized location resulting in:

  • superior quality control
  • controlled costs, no surprises
  • minimized down time waiting for trades and materials, resulting in faster build times
  • lower per square foot construction costs
  • build times of approximately 3 months

Whether you choose to build a standard RTM plan or customize to suit your own needs, the design consultants at Olympic are with you every step of the way.

We hope you’ve found your solution to building a home in Saskatchewan.  In fact, if you call today we could have you enjoying your new home in just a few short months from now.  To find out more, check out what other happy Saskatchewan Ready to Move Homeowners are saying about Olympic Homes.

We will efficiently and economically move your home to you in Saskatchewan for less than you can get built local… GUARANTEED!  Call us today at 1-800-665-8666 or email to request additional information.


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